(I wrote a version of this letter to my Wyoming elected Congressional Representatives. I subscribe to the Teton Valley News)

Dear Editor:

I feel that the U.S. President's suggestion that our elections could be rigged is absurd and an insult to our local government staff, poll workers, and volunteers.

I plead that all voters research and realize that we do not have large scale voter fraud in the United States. Voter fraud is extremely rare and has never occurred at a level that affected U.S. Presidential elections. Voter suppression, is different from voter fraud, and is occurring in many states during this and in past elections where the right to vote is prevented. Voter fraud is very rare because we have a decentralized voting system for our national elections that is run at the local level by many local people.

Election vote collection and tally takes place on the local level. The majority of local government workers and volunteers are citizens with integrity. I have been a public school teacher for over 30 years and in my experience most people I have met on the local level are just trying to live their lives as hardworking and decent people. Most Americans are honest and good people!

If you love America, you love American democracy. If you are a citizen of the USA, you support American democracy; regardless of your party affiliation. Our local elected officials and their government workers are our hardworking neighbors. They are the center of our democracy! Saying their work is "rigged" undermines their integrity by questioning their ability to gather and count ballots fairly and honestly.

Voters determine who wins a Presidential election. The President, as an elected official, does not have the constitutional power and should not try to influence the outcome of this electoral process! We are witnessing bad behavior by our President. Do not be bullied - that is what dictators do to win their elections!

Please protect our democracy and vote!

Molly Robertson-Goodrich

Retired Wyoming Teacher