I would like to reply to Ms. Stevenson, comments in the TVN. It is very frustrating to me when members of the community write their options on the Land Development Code, but have not attended any of the workshop meetings. I went too all of the workshops, there were only two people there for all of meetings, occasionally someone else would come, but none of those people were supporting Bob, Mike, and Cindy or the new Land Code. I have read and studied both the old and the new code, I have not found even one thing in the new code that is less restrictive than the old code. The Land Development code is very restrictive some examples are: thirty-five acre lots from the allowed two and a half acres lots, small business has many more restrictions, the industrial area was shrunk to discourage new business, chapter 4 is a total disaster, if you start to build, the commissioner, can stop the build, that they previously approved if a new code is adopted. Extremely unfair to those who are building.

The planning and Zoning decided to get an ad hock committee and continue to work the code, Cindy brought in a letter, trying to force the P&Z to pass the code to the BOCC. Then there was a joint meeting with the P&Z and the BOCC, again the BOCC continued to pressure the P&Z to pass the code the them. (Reading the rules, the BOCC should have never been involved until after the code was passed to them.) Due to the pressure from the BOCC the P&Z pass the code to BOCC with a request to get a diverse committee, which would include valley residence from all walks of life, to have a study done to see what impact this code would have on the land owners, business, worker housing, etc. Mike and Bob and Cindy, who have committees for every other thing would not agree to get a committee for something as important as the Land Development code which would affect all the residence of this valley.

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