In this letter I want to point out the use of "smoke and mirrors" by Mr. Crapo in his latest ad to scare the voter of the Big Bad IRS. He points out that the Biden administration is going to increase the size of the IRS by 57,000 to make more money to spend on the Democratic agenda. The implication that this branch of government, which will be "larger than the Pentagon", is coming after you. He is telling you one thing but his real interest isn't the average citizen. He wants to protect his big money donors by scaring the "common man/woman" to vote agaisnt their own interests. 

Let me do a little fact checking. First, I have my doubts about his source of information and truth about the number 57,000. But, concerning the idea of the IRS being larger than the Pentagon, it can't be true when you realize the Pentagon is the headquarters for ALL the armed military services. Take away the Army, Navy, ect. and there is no Pentagon. Then realize that the Trump administration cut the budget for the IRS so much that individuals were laid off or not replaced due to retirements, ect. The cuts were so drastic that the number of audits was reduced drastically. The audits most effected were "white collar crimes" which are the most difficult to pursue. The proposed increase is therefore to rteplace and expand the employee base to catch taxpayer cheats by getting back employees lost in the last administration. If you are honest in filing taxes you have nothing to worry about even with a million new IRS employees. 

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