Bill Leake

Bill Leake

You’ve probably heard Teton County is in the process of revising the Land Development Code to bring the county into compliance with Idaho statute Title 67 Chapter 65, which requires the county to establish zoning regulations in accordance with the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

It makes sense to establish zoning regulations and plan for growth in a smart and well thought-out manner. We certainly don’t want to end up over loading our already heavily used roads and local amenities. Yes, those recreational activities that brought and keep us here.

Following the county’s effort to implement the 2012-2030 Comprehensive Plan, which addresses way more than just land use zoning and development, I decided to refresh myself on it. In doing so, I realized that the growth challenges it identified back in 2012 are still relevant today. In many cases, more so than ever, as we see a huge influx of folks moving here.

Appendix A — page A-21 of the Comp Plan shows the projected population for the county potentially doubling over the next 10 to 20 years. Based on the traffic we are experiencing now and how much our recreation resources are being utilized, imagine the day we have twice as many people living here in the valley.

There’s a lot going on in Teton Valley: Grand Targhee Expansion, new trails and pathways, Teton River Utilization, Land Development Code writing, etc. Finding time to follow and keep on top of all this is challenging to say the least. But keeping on top of the impacts of growth here in the valley must be done to ensure the reasons for which we have chosen to live here are here for future generations to enjoy.

The “Comprehensive Plan – A Vision and Framework 2012-2013 Teton County, Idaho” is a must read. It is available on the Teton County, Idaho website under the “PLANS” tab.

Job well done by our Teton County Commissioners for hosting the Grand Targhee Expansion Virtual Town Hall on December 15th and the Teton River Use Charrette on November 30th. Both were extremely informative and helpful in learning about the future of both of these great recreational amenities in our community. Thanks for your proactive vision to keep Teton Valley a great place to live.

Signed, A Citizen for Smart Growth