I am 77 years old and have lived here since 1981. During that time I have been aware and concerned about the School Board decisions but none have been ones that were of life and death importance. The Board's pending decision regarding the mitigation, or not, of the threat of C19 and the Delta variant is critical.

The objections among the anti vaxxers to the effect that requiring a vaccine and/or mask is an encroachment on their freedom is absurd on its face. They accept the necessity of all other mandatory vaccines, agree not to smoke indoors, wear seat belts and otherwise comply with other laws and community mores for the common good. Their resistance to vaccines and masks begs for a logical explanation and there is none.

Nationwide, there will be lawsuits filed by parents whose children become ill or die as the result of exposure to C19 in those schools whose boards do not implement the best medical practices to protect students. To accommodate parents and teachers who refuse to get the vaccine, mask up, and social distance is irresponsible. The refusing parents should be advised to either educate their children at home or find an alternative private or religious school. The teachers who refuse vaccinations should be told to find another employer. Neither have the right to endanger the health, and possible lives, of the children of those parents who cooperate in the spirit of the civil and ethical imperative of doing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Gordon Brown