Every month I get an electric bill. If you’re like me, I care about where my electricity comes from and how much I pay each month. Our electric company, Fall River Rural Electric (FRREC), is owned by all of us—its members—and we elect the people who run our cooperative. Between now and June 15, we’ll elect the community members that represent us on the Board of Fall River, which is why I’m running for the District 4, East Driggs seat.

My husband and I are both working parents. Like many of our friends and community, we rely on a stable, sustainable, and affordable source of energy; yet there currently isn’t any representation on the Fall River Rural Electric Board of young, working class families like mine. I moved to Driggs for a job in 2004, but stayed for the community. It is here that I met my husband, built a house, and we’re now raising our five-year-old daughter. I think it’s time to step up. Teton Valley is my home and I want to do my part to make it even better. I want to bring my experience and more balance and diversity to this elected group of decision-makers.

Beyond demographics, please vote for me because I’m qualified. I have over fifteen years of experience working with community members through my job at Friends of the Teton River, sometimes working with like-minded folks and sometimes working through difficult situations to find common ground. My professional experience is in written and public communications, fundraising and finance, with oversight of more than $1 million dollars annually. I have extensive experience working with and for a board of directors. I know how boards can work effectively and how individual members add to well-functioning boards. I’ve been the Treasurer for the Teton Springs Foundation Board for over two years. I’m an incredibly hard worker. I do my homework, I pay attention to detail, value accountability, and will bring fact-based, levelheaded decisions to the Fall River Electric Board.

Together, we can work for an even brighter future (pun intended) for our community. As our rural communities grow, and resources are stretched, I want our electric co-op to remain an affordable and reliable source of energy that all our members can depend on, as well as a fair representation of who are members are; their needs, values, and concerns.

No matter what happens on the June 15 voting deadline, I hope that by running for the Fall River Electric Board, the community will recognize the importance of these positions and voting for them. The Fall River Board of Directors works for all of us. If elected, I will work hard for you. Please take the time to vote for the Directors of your electric co-op.

Vote online at directvote.net/FRREC by 1pm on June 12; mail in your paper ballot (must be received by June 12); or vote in-person at the Annual Meeting at North Fremont High School in Ashton, June 15 starting at 8am.

Anna Lindstedt

Candidate for FRREC Board of Directors

District 4, East Driggs


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