I was not surprised at the vote of the school board on Monday. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. Mask mandates are hard to prescribe, even though their effectiveness is proven. The most important thing that any oversight board is to ensure the safety of those they oversee. They shouldn’t be playing to the vocal few whose lame protests are pure theater.

A study by the CDC (Washington Post, Aug. 29 2021), showed that a teacher who removed a mask to read to her students ended up infecting 26 others, including some family of the children. School leaders should support safety measures and actually show leadership. The vaccinated have had to endure a never-ending pandemic because of people convinced that “their rights” as opposed to “their responsibility” to community well-being is really what is important. Children under 12 are now facing a severe uptick in sickness and hospitalizations. Children up until this latest variant had proven to be less susceptible, however cases of long-haul Covid and MIS-C have been occurring even with the original strains. It is mind boggling that pleasing the crowd who will keep perpetuating the disease instead of meeting the first priority of safety of the children was the school board’s thought.

Everyone is sick of the pandemic, sick of masks, and tired of all the protocols that have happened since last March. Goodwill towards the unvaccinated is waning. Please get your news from the CDC, doctors, and sources that are trustworthy.

The school board struggled with the removal of a mascot whose time had long passed. This should have been easier because lives are at stake, not just memories of past glory days. These members who voted against a simple precaution should go the way of the mascot too.

Ron Paradis