I congratulate the panel members who met on May 25 to highlight a critical problem facing the Valley, i.e. affordable housing. In the absence of a solution, the base workforce of Teton County is in jeopardy. Readers hopefully acknowledge that the base-workforce, to name a few, include: police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, tradesmen/women and store clerks. As the panel noted, any resident that is not currently a home owner can be evicted to make way for new ownership or Airbnb conversion.

I did take exception to one observation by the panel. Shawn Hill noted that urban centers focus on housing for the ‘very poor’. Where as mountain towns are focused on housing the middle class. Fifty years ago, Berkeley CA was facing an identical affordable-housing crisis. The city allocated revenues to build tastefully designed cluster homes to address the issue. I know of a school teacher whose application was accepted and moved his family to this development. This housing helped sustain the core workforce of the community.

Ken Freeze

Cleveland, Ohio

Victor visitor