When our grandkids are adults, what kind of world will they inherit from us? The effects of rising planet temperatures will not only adversely affect their health, but will politically destabilize every country and lower standards of living around the globe. In Idaho we are seeing early snowpack melting that affects agriculture, hydro power and tourism. The best solution is carbon fee and dividend. It gives clear future signals to business and citizens alike and is endorsed by over 3500 economists. The fee is charged to all extractors of oil, gas and coal starting at a modest $15/ton increasing $10/ton/yr. Agriculture and the military are exempt from the fee. The fee would be a strong impetus for R&D for renewable energy. The dividend is the money collected from the fee and totally redirected to all citizens. A family of 4 would receive initially $2,000/yr rising to $3,800 by year 10 to help offset increased fossil fuel costs and incentivize use of renewal energy. This solution has been introduced as House Bill 2307 (The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act). A critical mover in this effort has been the Citizens Climate Lobby with chapters in every state and 10 chapters in Idaho. We meet regularly with Senators Crapo and Risch, Congressmen Simpson and Fulcher developing a relationship with them through dialogue on climate issues. Please contact our legislators through their email websites and ask them to endorse HR 2307.

Creighton Hardin