I am extremely grateful to have leaders like Senator Mike Crapo and Representative Mike Simpson working to advance the interests of farmers, foresters, and other agricultural producers across the state. Their support of the Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA) will help give farmers the additional resources and support we need to continue reducing carbon emissions while strengthening our economic outlook.

The GCSA is quite innovative, yet incredibly simple. In effect, it streamlines the process for farmers to participate in existing carbon credit markets. The GSCA would create a program run by the USDA that helps farmers learn about and incorporate sustainable farming techniques into their daily operations—and then, connect farmers to third parties looking to offset their own emissions by purchasing the carbon credits farmers would get when they adopt these climate-friendly farming practices.

This is a simple but powerful way to incentivize sustainability, leading to a reduction in emissions while providing a stable source of revenue for farmers who may otherwise be subject to the ever-changing whims of consumer demand or fluctuations in crop productivity. On top of that, many of the sustainable agriculture techniques that the GSCA would encourage could also help improve overall soil quality in the long run.

Senator Crapo and Representative Simpson are right to champion the GCSA—and I hope they will continue to work with their colleagues in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle to ensure the House passes this farmer-centric climate solution as soon as possible.

Nick Robinson