I’m no expert on the city planning and zoning ordinances but I seem to recall as part of the subdivision platting process certain open space and public space requirements need to be met.

Recently Huntsman Springs offered to trade land for their required public parks to the city in order to close off access to them. The land is to be used for a city park in lieu of the parks that currently exist in the confines of the subdivision.

Huntsman has offered to provide amenities in the new city park. I’ve heard the figure of 2.5 million mentioned. I have no idea how that figure fleshes out but that isn’t what concerns me.

Currently the public can use the playground the beach volleyball court and the basketball court which are very nice and well maintained. Huntsman and their contractors do a nice job of keeping this facility up.

I have heard no mention of Huntsman maintaining the park they give to the city. Without that obligation it appears to me as if Huntsman is buying their way out of the zoning requirement for public space.

The city is already hard pressed to maintain the property it is responsible for. Won’t a multi million dollar city park add an enormous maintenance budget to the bottom line, just so Huntsman can lock the doors.

I think there should be diligent consideration given to this before we rush to an agreement.

Vernon L Lewis



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