I've been following the debate on the Redskin mascot.

I too am a graduate of Teton High School, and agree with Mr. Calderwood. The Teton Redskins were well known throughout the state as fierce competitors.

The term "Redskins" was never meant to be offensive, rather it stood for a proud, courageous and noble group. I urge the school board to take a stand and not be influenced by outside interests.

However if they want to succumb to outside pressure and change the mascot name, I suggest they go all the way and change the name of the High School as well.

Teton High will always be known as the mighty mighty Redskins. Let's retire that name as well and start fresh with whatever new name and new legacy you want to have.

Either that or stand your ground and fight like a true Redskin would.

Lynn Hansen,

Logan, UT


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