I am writing to express my view and solicit others to ask that Broulim’s request for a zone change be denied.

I don’t feel the City of Victor needs to change its current zoning to accommodate a development that will draw business and people away from the downtown core. A large box store/grocery with attached retail space is the last thing needed. I am in support of smaller store fronts that are employing people locally and supporting both biking and walking options within the downtown.

Why cannot Broulim’s invest in multiple properties (spread out along the main parts of main street in the core area) to build what they want. Sure things won’t be as big but that is more fitting with the character of Victor. If Broulim’s can really afford to build a duplicate of a store/retail area as the one that is only 8 minutes away then surely they can invest in Victor’s future as well with something that fits the design code already in place.

Victor currently has two small grocery stores that serve the community and do it in way that supports our current vision and zoning for the city. I can drive another 8 miles if I really need something beyond what I can get from either of these two stores (VVM, and Mount Sinai). We need to support the current businesses in the town of Victor in order to implement our vision, not drive them out of business.

Please write the City of Victor Planning and Zoning with your thoughts.

Allen O'Bannon



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