If there ever was a time for our country to come together, it is right now.

The blame, the animosity, and the hatred have to cease right now. We have far more important things to do at the moment, so leave anything negative out there by the side of the road, and come back in with your heads on straight. Too many of us are stuck in the thought that you would have never backed the current administration running our country. Just as many are stuck in the fact that the other side is terrible and should be hated. Guess what? There Is No Other Side, there is only Us! If we don’t get that fact immediately we are all in deep trouble!

The entities in charge of our government at the moment and looking for a cure along with all other countries are what we’ve got at the moment. Like It Or Not.

So pray for them, help them, come up with your own creative ideas and pass them along, or whatever it takes. We need to be unified, or God help us!

While I’m at it, absolutely take care of your families, but take care of the rest of your community as well, only taking the supplies you need when you restock. What we have on hand has to be spread among all of us. Think big, be kind, and help one another as we can. This is a true test of who we are. Please, please let’s not fail at being compassionate human beings!

God bless all of us!

Steve Sudela



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