Candidate Jeremiah Jones wants to require all law enforcement officers to keep their body cameras running the entire time they are at work. Teton County deputies have used patrol car cameras and body cameras for years to record investigations, arrests, and possible evidence. Jones’s proposal shows his inexperience and foolishness.

1. An “always record” policy would be unheard of in law enforcement. Experienced leaders prohibit their officers from recording conversations with confidential informants, privileged discussions with legal counsel, sensitive communications with other officers, training sessions and personnel meetings.

2. An “always record” policy would place an unreasonable financial burden for an already underfunded office. Idaho’s public records laws require retention of recordings with evidentiary value for multiple years if associated with a case, for 200 days if not associated with a case, for 60 days if no evidentiary value, and 14 days if the camera is affixed to a building or structure. Jones’s proposal would mean terabytes of stored data costing at least tens of thousands of dollars each year. With staffing levels already at half the number recommended for our community, how many positions does Jones intend to cut to pay for his ill-advised body cam recordings.

3. Firing officers to pay for this proposal (and others) may not be difficult. Local law enforcement officers have overwhelmingly endorsed Clint Lemieux. And why would someone want to work in an office where they had to record their bathroom breaks?

Jeremiah Jones has jumped on the anti-police bandwagon of left-wing radicals while privately claiming to be a conservative “constitutional sheriff”. He does not seem to understand that Teton County residents appreciate the law enforcement officers we have. We also appreciate someone who can tell the truth.

Deputy Clint Lemieux is my neighbor. He works hard. He means what he says. He cares for people and wants this community to be a place where his children can grow and raise their own children.

Make an informed choice for Teton County Sheriff. Be careful about promises, platitudes and rumors that do not quite ring true. Elect Deputy Clint Lemieux as Teton County’s next Sheriff.

Clayton Egbert