Now that we are behind the primary elections, I want to introduce myself during this critical election year. My name is Alex Sosa, and I am running to be your next Teton County Prosecuting Attorney.

Like many of you, I am a product of a rural upbringing. I grew up in Corbin, Kentucky, in the impoverished Appalachian Mountains, where I learned that rural individuals and values must be ardently protected in the face of irresponsible land use, poverty, addiction, and social injustice.

I decided to go to law school after witnessing how the power of the law could address systemic problems and protect the community I love. At the University of Idaho School of Law, I devoted my time to volunteering, a principal I gained from my small-town roots. My experience serving others at an income tax clinic, a legal aid clinic, and at a national public lands nonprofit, led the

Honorable Judge FitzMaurice in Grangeville, Idaho to hire me as his law clerk before I even finished school.

Today, my wife Ashley and I are proud to call Teton County our forever home. After working at a private law firm in Jackson, I returned to public service, and became a Public Defender in Idaho Falls. I have seen firsthand how the strengths and weaknesses of various Prosecutor’s Offices can impact a community. As a Public Defender, I rely on the law, my values and my diverse experiences, to fight for fairness and justice for my clients and the public good.

I have seen what happens when rural communities are not given a fair chance or adequate legal representation. We need a County Prosecutor who will serve with integrity, professionalism, objectivity, and a commitment to represent the values of our blended community. My priority is to seek justice in the truest sense of the word. The question I ask myself, and of the law, is “what is ‘just’ in the case?”

Every single citizen in this County, and the County itself, deserves a Prosecutor who researches diligently, welcomes external information and resources, and evaluates nuance in order to achieve a just result. This applies to legal assessments of the land-use code, criminal prosecution, and advising county leaders on relevant legal precedence.

As your Prosecuting Attorney, I commit to representing our diverse citizens and perspectives with equity, a willingness to execute all parts of the job, and an openness to serving the Teton Valley community without ego. It’s only fair.

Alex Sosa

Candidate for Teton County Prosecuting Attorney


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