Editor's note: This letter was sent to Senators Crapo, Rich, Congressmen Simpson and the Teton Valley News.

Many US citizens don't believe our national government is credible. That lack of trustworthiness extends to some of our Congressional representatives, and the Trump Administration, that ignore both the letter and spirit of law in the US Constitution by opposing an impartial, nonpartisan impeachment Senate trial. An honest, legitimate and judicious trial would require the testimony of credible witnesses and access to documents and other information Trump refuses to permit.

Based on your conduct and comments, I am greatly disappointed that you are an active participant in this Congressional cabal to sever the ties that have bound the actions of most elected members of Congress to their sworn Oath of Office to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution. There are many reasons for this attack on democracy that you must be aware of the most corrupting and grievous of which is that national elections and the processes of governing are awash in and contaminated by dark money and the influence that it has on elected and appointed representatives in the US government.

I recognize that you are dismissive of my observations as I have heard and read your public comments and have received personal communication from you adamantly supporting Trump who is the most dishonest, uninformed, biased, impulsive and dangerous President in the history of the United States. That I have an MA in history and have taught US History and Twentieth Century World History since 1970 will unfortunately not give weight to my comments but are provided to suggest that they are based on knowledge and understanding and not partisanship.

It would be futile to encourage you to oppose Trump’s foreign policy particularly in the Middle East. Case in point is that you refuse to acknowledge that Trump’s withdrawal and subsequent violation of the joint US, NATO, Russian, Chinese and Iranian nuclear agreement, increased economic sanctions and assassination of General Suleimani have caused the present escalation in tension between Iran and the US. Your position also encourages Trump to continue to make the United States the pariah among the members of the international community of nations and a threat to regional and universal peace.

I feel like I am living in Germany in the mid-1930 and writing a letter to my Representative in the Reichstag opposing his support for Hitler because the economy is doing well. Futile then and possibly now.

Gordon Brown



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