Recently, and throughout the election season, the Republican candidates and their supporters have spread misinformation about our candidates - about their backgrounds and positions on different issues. Teton Valley deserves better.

We have a strong Democratic team willing to stay positive, work hard, and be responsive to everyone in the community. Our candidates have been diligent and proactive in their approach to this election by taking the time to talk directly with voters over the past several months. This is the most productive way to understand the community's needs and clearly demonstrates that they care about people NOT politics.

I urge you, if you have any questions about where any of the Democratic candidates stand on any issue, ask them directly. Please don’t make assumptions from what their opponents are saying.

They are all very accessible and have been spending countless hours talking to voters. They would be happy to talk to you too. Here are their phone numbers:

Cindy Riegel 208-313-3597

Michael Whitfield 208-520-6117

Alex Sosa 606-344-8179

Jeremiah Jones 208-720-8798

Additionally, TCDP can back up every concern that we’ve stated publicly with facts including Ms. Smith’s hiring as Teton County Deputy Prosecutor without the proper State of Idaho qualifications, as well as failures to follow Idaho's campaign finance laws by Mr. Wilcox and Ms. Smith.

Friends, we will not always agree on the best solution to the problems our county is facing, which is why electing people who do not follow the laws and who do not tell the truth even in simple things is such a concern. If laws and truth don’t matter for our county’s officials, what does?

Do the research and decide for yourselves who deserves your vote and will do the best job to represent all of our interests with the integrity and the hard work that we all should expect.

Thank you!

Jan Betts

Chair - Teton County Democratic Party