Welcome back to school

Hello great Teton Valley. I know where does the time go? Yes it is that time of year once again as we come to the end of another summer and school begins. I hope everyone had a good summer with lots of safe and fun activities.

Well as we know the weather is still nice outside. As school started this week we need to keep in mind that as summer is ending there are now children and young adults walking, skipping, and riding bikes to the area schools. They come in all sizes and we need to be aware of them while we are driving so they all make it to their destination safely and home again.

All pedestrians have the right of way at cross walks and you are required to stop and wait for them to cross the street. If you are a bicyclist and intend to use the cross walks as a pedestrian you need to walk your bike across the street. If you want to ride you must follow the rules of the road the same as a motor vehicle (car, truck, SUV). Please make sure to be prepared and it is always great to ride with a helmet. We have had a few bike vs. car incidents and the helmet has really helped in reducing injuries.

Those who drop off your children at school please leave the parking or drop off areas with caution. Some of those little precious ones can be hard to see walking along the sidewalk or riding on their little bikes. I have seen many people not come to a complete stop, as we get in a hurry after dropping off our little ones to get on with our day. Yes some of you moms are excited to get the kids back to school to get back to your normal routine that may include work and other activities you do while they are in school. Just remember all the children need to get to school safely. Not just yours. Be patient at the turns going into and out of those parking lots. Look and remember which lane has the right of way even if you have been there waiting longer to get in to drop off your precious little one. Just think, you get an extra minute or two with them by waiting. This is better than the 20 minutes with us taking the accident report.

Okay the last thing I would like to remind us about is the great big bright yellow precious cargo carriers (school bus). The school buses will be out and about. It may not be fun being behind one of them. Just remember they run on a pretty regular schedule with maybe a 10 min window change. If you keep getting behind one on your way to work and it drives you crazy, just leave 10 minutes earlier and avoid the problem. Aw yes, one less stress on your drive to work.

Remember when approaching precious cargo carriers watch for the frequent stops and remember the rules from my school bus article last spring. The flashing yellow lights mean the bus is stopping and you must slow down just like a yellow light of a traffic light. When the stop sign is out with flashing red lights you are not allowed to pass. Passing a bus with its stop sign out is not a simple ticket like a speeding ticket. This is classified as a misdemeanor crime and you HAVE to see the judge an  explain why you put children’s lives in danger by not stopping. They also have a bright flashing light on the top to them making them easier to see as a reminder to drive safely.

I told the paper I would keep this article shorter. So in closing I would like to remind everyone to keep their eyes open and be aware of the extra pedestrian traffic to include bikes as school in now in session. Use your bluetooth for phone calls and don’t be distracted as you drive. Watch what you are doing and for those precious cargo carriers.

Deputies will be watching and have a discussion with those of you who decide not to be careful and watch for our children as they begin school. Remember it is about getting everyone, yes everyone, where they are going safely. That includes you. Thank you for your continued support. Please drive safely for you and those that care about you.



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