Bill Leake

Bill Leake

The last couple of years has been challenging for all of us to say the least. Despite all that is going on, our elected officials and volunteer Planning & Zoning Commissioners have worked diligently to keep Teton Valley moving forward as we face rapid growth from all directions.

Teton County Commissioners and Planning & Zoning Commissioners have spent an inordinate amount of their time over the last several years to make the vision outlined in the adopted 2012 Comprehensive Plan come to fruition. The Vision presented in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan on Page 1-8 states: “Our Community Envisions a Sustainable Future for Teton County. We will strive to: Establish a vibrant, diverse and stable economy; Create and maintain a well connected network of transportation infrastructure to provide convenient and safe mobility for all residents, visitors, and businesses; Preserve natural resources and a healthy environment, which is essential for creating viable future economic and recreational opportunities for all users; Contribute to our strong sense of community by providing quality facilities, services and activities to benefit the community; and Maintain, nurture and enhance the rural character and heritage of Teton Valley.”

This is not an easy vision to achieve. To do so requires an update to our current Land Development Code. That code encompasses zoning districts, land use provisions, subdivision development standards and the processes for getting county approval. All those things that ensure growth, development and building is being done in a manner that protects not only our individual property investments but our neighbors’ property investments.

Finally after several years in the making, they have a final draft of a new Land Development Code for public review and comment. It is available on the Teton County Idaho website or you can pick up a hardcopy at the court house. To get the electronic version, just click on the box in the upper left corner of the Teton County Idaho homepage that says: “Land Development Code Update” and you’ll find a link to it there. Also, on that webpage you’ll find lots of reference materials and background information as to how this draft came to be. For those who aren’t familiar with this historical effort, there is a video of a presentation Commissioner Heneage gives on the history and facts as to why and how the Land Development Code update effort has occurred. It is entitled: “WATCH: THE HISTORY AND CURRENT STATUS OF THE LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE PROJECT.” Also, on that webpage is a link to Frequently Asked Questions that provides additional details on the new code and how it came to be.

The Public Hearing date, time and location for this latest draft of the new Land Development Code is published in the Teton Valley News.

The email and phone numbers for the County Commissioners are available on the Teton County Idaho, BoCC webpage. I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the new Land Development Code and the process for getting it adopted.

Bill Leake, a Citizen that supports Smart Growth