Clothes, art, sporting gear, electronics, kitchen tools, home décor, gourmet delights, music, power tools, non-profit donations and more.

Sound like browsing Amazon or Idaho Falls malls? Nope. It’s all right here.

Items made in Teton Valley and items sold in Teton Valley are incredibly diverse, genuine and valuable gifts. Why would one even consider shopping outside the valley?

Amazon? Your hard-earned money goes to nameless, faceless corporations.

Idaho Falls? Spending three hours in the car plus traffic and crowds sure isn’t my cup of tea.

I’d much rather share love and laughs with local friends up and down the main streets of Tetonia, Driggs, Victor and points in between.

Your local purchases feed our friends and neighbors, and keep our valley’s economy resilient and healthy. This creates vibrant main streets, strong families and vital community organizations.

And those purchases communicate remarkable care and thoughtfulness, bringing joy that helps celebrate the deeper meaning of the holiday season.

So, stay in the valley, relax and enjoy our local makers and shops. The rewards are many. I guarantee it.

Merry Christmas.

Editor’s Note: When you do need to shop online or mail packages, please be kind to your friendly neighborhood postal workers. They’re some of the most cheerful, helpful folks around and they have to manage the busiest time of year with fewer staff members, slower shipping times, and more packages than ever.