vancie turner

Vancie Turner

Hello. My name is Vancie Turner and I am running for a seat on the Driggs City Council for a 2-year term as a write-in candidate.

I voted early and realized that to give myself a fair chance, I need to explain a bit more about what being a write-in candidate involves before you begin to fill-in your ballot.

Because I am a write-in candidate, you will not see my name anywhere on the ballot, therefore you need to know where to write my name when you begin filling-in your ballot.

The primary reason I registered to run as a write-in candidate is because I don’t believe that anybody should ever have to run for any office unopposed. There are enough of us that live here and that care about our local issues to be able to afford some/a little bit of our time towards public service and if I can ask/expect somebody else to run for office, I should be willing to do it myself.



I have a lot of concerns with how my city government is currently being run and for the most part it seems like we have strayed a long way from the way our government should be working and into the realm of how our government is NOT working.

- There is NO enforcement structure so that when non-compliance is the issue, there is no consequence AND it has absolutely nothing to do with the agreement between the City of Driggs and the sheriff’s office — past or present!

- We have ordinances that are being totally ignored.

- We are conducting business-as-usual when we are simultaneously trying to cope with a pandemic of extraordinary proportions.

- The in-house infrastructure of smooth city government is lacking a key element — a city manager. Driggs has gotten too big to assume that the mayor can incorporate those responsibilities because of the huge conflicts-of-interest that emerge when that scenario exists.

Because I live in the downtown core and prefer walking around town to do my errands, I have the luxury of experiencing my/our world in slow-motion and I get to notice on a daily basis the things that make Driggs as special as it is as well as the things that need attention.

I am accessible.

I have lots of time.

I will listen to your concerns and share them with others.

I will work towards getting the citizens of Driggs involved in their city government once again.

And I am asking for your vote . . .

BUT here is the rub: Not only am I asking for your vote. I also want you to hold me accountable for the votes I make if/when I get elected and the points I make/don’t make when it is time for discussion.

The City of Driggs is at the cusp of some important crossroad decisions and to my way of thinking Mayor Johnson is on the wrong side of these issues — he/we should be acknowledging the wildlife corridor where it crosses Highway 33 and protecting it rather than exploiting it by rezoning that area from residential to commercial a mile south of our downtown core. Also the dark-sky ordinance will require total compliance within the next year. We are way behind in relation to that timetable because nobody is paying any attention to how amazing dark skies can be — even in our downtown.

Please look for the place on the ballot with only one name. It is under the heading of “City Council 2-Year Term” and it is the only place on the ballot to officially write in a candidate.

Please use that blank space to write Vancie Turner and also please remember to fill-in the oval next to where you wrote my name.

Whether I win this election or not, thank you for living here and doing your part to make this place as good as it can be.

You don’t need to run for office for that to happen.