Einstein was once asked, " Sir, if you were presented with a serious problem and were only given one hour to solve it, how would you proceed?" Einstein replied, " I would spend 55 minutes to analyze the problem and 5 minutes to solve it." Einstein was a mature individual.

Our world problems are way too complex to deal with effectively without enlisting the help of the best specialists and then making decisions based on their composite analysis, and with long-term goals. Endless learning, adaptability and flexibility are also essential. " If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there."

Our mental make-up could lead to our own destruction, and in the process we could bring the other creatures and the planet down with us. The dance of life cannot continue without all the animate and inanimate participants. There is a Maori saying, " The land and the people are woven together as one."

Why kill ourselves ahead of our time. So getting mature about our human nature first is the name of the game. It is and always has been our emotions versus our intellect, our brain stem versus our frontal cortex. People prefer the status quo instead of dealing with change. Their emotions find comfort in myth versus reality. Human nature more easily accepts the myth maker than the scientist. Humans believed the Pope telling them the Earth was flat and that the sun travelled around the Earth and the Earth was the center of the universe instead of believing Galileo. And the beat goes on.

Facing reality about oneself and living within your code of conduct is the best an individual can do to achieve equanimity. And history is shown time and again that by working together humans can solve very difficult problems. After all, the motto of the United States " United we stand, divided we fall," has also been our mantra that led us to fabulous success.

We are now a society of 330 million people. Child-like solutions to problems simply won't work. Intense participation by citizens is required to get good government and to solve problems. However, mistakes are made by starting with answers that are wanted and then building a rationale to support those answers. The key to consistent success is to scour the mind to uncover these subconscious dragons before decisions are made. This is just cognitive science in action. It is essential for the benefit of the individual and for the benefit of every person, creature and the planet. We are all in this together. A survival of the fittest philosophy will result in great harm to everything we hold dear.

Joe Gerlach



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