This last week a series of detour signs were placed at the west end of Packsaddle Rd. near the Kay Dairy. The signs need to be re-thought because they are confusing. The “detour” could be one of two choices, one of which has a gate that says no trespassing and the other leads to the wrong destination.

So, thinking that the signs were indicating the forbidden, private Jess Horton road project, I pressed on, though the road at Kay’s Wall at this writing remains open. Of course detour indicates a temporary situation. Does that mean that we go back to what we had before? Search me.

Well, it looks like the Teton County commissioners may have accepted an offer they couldn’t refuse. The route of the road is fairly faithful to the original Horton proposal (minus the scenic points of interest signs). Part of the old road has been blocked. There is no longer a connection between what used to be called the corrals at Packsaddle L. Rd. and Hoopes Rd. across the Milk Creek ford. There is a huge apparent parking area north and east of the Copeland property, moved to a better location than the original plan. At that point the road forks to Packsaddle L (left) and Hoopes Rd. (right). At Hoopes Rd. the improved section ends at the intersection with the road that head west past Nissen land.

Nice road. But whose is it? Is it public? Is Kay’s wall now closed? There is no barricade or road closed sign at this writing.

Is the intention to have Teton County plow to the parking lot? I don’t envy Roads and Bridges on that one. Plowing that new road with sharp turns and walled areas makes plowing my subdivision look easy. Where will the groomed snowmobile trails start? Where will the groomer be “plugged-in”? Are we all paying for this now?

As expected, there is a least one McMansion-ish home being built up on the bench. What’s to come? Of course they have every right to do so, but I want to know who is paying for this convenience we didn’t ask for.

Just what is going on here? A quick check of county GIS overlays shows no county road addition and no plowing plans for that road system.

I’m not playing news guy on this one. It’s not my job.

What’s happening there applies to us all. I want accurate info and so should you.

Rob Young--Rodelmeister



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