The race between Cindy Riegel and Taylor Barlow offers two very different economic visions for the future of Teton Valley.

Mr. Barlow has expressed his interest in using outdoor infrastructure to develop companies that will become “world leaders in outdoor adventure and related technologies.” He wants to use the surrounding environment as an “incubator” for innovative, cutting-edge, world-class technologies.

Mrs. Riegel on the other hand believes that what we need is already here and emphasizes economic growth strategies based on self-sufficiency and sustainability. Rather than exploiting our surroundings in pursuance of economic growth, she wants to invest in the long term health of our community by putting local priorities over corporate interests.

As local farmers, we find Cindy Riegel’s message resonates deeply while Mr. Barlow’s fails to inspire. While there is nothing wrong with companies developing and manufacturing products related to the outdoor industry, we think it should not necessarily be the driving economic force in our valley. Agriculture on the other hand can motivate economic growth while making our community both more resilient and more self-reliant. Furthermore, agriculture has the extra benefit of preserving the open spaces and ecosystems that give the valley its unique character.

We support a Teton Valley economy that takes an innovative, cutting-edge, and world-class approach to agriculture and food systems. We can get there with Cindy Riegel.

Ken Michael and Erika Eschholz

Teton Full Circle Farm