Maybe we can learn a lesson from polarized politics across the globe: Compromise is probably better than rule of a single entrenched party, camp or organization.

While I am personally against the proposed expansion of the resort - I do understand that if the resort cannot make money – How much longer can we reasonably expect to have it.

In the virtual open house held Thursday, the public was actively moderated and censored. So, we’re not off to a good start in a collaboration between GTR and the public.

However, throughout this process I have come to accept the expansion of the resort is inevitable and I think expanding user capacity and amenities should be done in a responsible manner that excludes the development of Teton Canyon.

This Canyon provides public access to backcountry skiers, hikers, cross country skiers, and wildlife enthusiasts in a fully wild unencumbered experience. Should we consider developing one of the wildest places in the valley to compete with JHMR?

It was also made clear that if interim cat skiing is allowed in Teton Canyon, the public will lose its backcountry skiing access.

I urge our public officials, the SE Group, and GTR to present a more reasonable proposal which does not encompass closing public lands for an elite few in a pay-to-play scheme. Perhaps building the peaked lift approved in 1994, expanding parking, modernizing the amenities, and enhancing terrain in the approved Special Use Permit Area can be a compromise between our beloved ski hill, it’s owners, and passionate user base.

Charles Norville