An open letter to whomever was the coward to send me a copy of my own article and write “everyone knows you’re an idiot” on the article.

My question is, am I an idiot 1) because I obviously don’t agree with your politics or 2) because the hatred in your heart doesn’t allow you to read my FACTS and reflects back who the true idiot might be? I put myself out there with my two letters to potentially open up respectful dialogue so we can come together and narrow this divide in our community where some people won’t be your friend if you support Trump. Two questions to whomever sent me this note, how did you get my PO Box number (are you someone I know) and why couldn’t you have the courage to debate back in your own letter or phone call?

People out there reading this, please look in your heart and see if you are guilty of ALWAYS thinking the Trump supporters are idiots, after all, we are 50% of the population! I always get asked when I say I’m a Trump supporter “you must watch FOX” AND I always say, “as a matter of fact I don’t get the FOX news station”, and why is FOX news so bad, because you were told so by others for years and years? However, I have access to various forms of alternative news that is VERY enlightening and make me realize the lying that’s going on is coming from BOTH SIDES and in my estimation it’s the liberal media and politicians that’s lying the most! If 20% of what I read is true and is coming to pass in the future, our Country is in REAL trouble. I challenge everyone to get rid of your hatred and do 3 things before you vote 1) turn off your MSM news/papers for a week and ONLY listen to the other side, 2) be logical when listening to the other side and ask yourself, “what if there’s some truth to this" and 3) check in your heart to see if this systemic hatred for others who don’t believe the way you do is simmering down there somewhere.

By the way, I’m not an idiot. You will be hearing from me again before the election with questions meant to hopefully make people think and hopefully open a civil dialogue before everyone goes to the polls.

Dee Gustafson