Editor's note, this letter was sent to Sen. Mitt Romney and the Teton Valley News.

Dear Senator Romney,.

For the past three years, our fragile democracy has been under siege, and the silence from our own members of Congress, those elected to represent all of us here in the crossroads of the west, has been deafening.

But when, at the conclusion of the trial, you spoke on the floor of the Senate in a firm and somber voice about the oath you had taken before God to “do impartial justice,” I was moved.

Your words of moral strength can turn us away from fear and cynicism towards hope, and action, both essential in the support of democracy and the rule of law.

Though you and I may differ in perspective on matters of policy under ongoing debate, from education to deficit, health care to taxes, I find great solace in your lone voice in the wilderness of corruption, and I offer you mine in support.

Thank you.

Molly Brown



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