Wow! Somebody out there is really good at his (or her) job. I’m referring to the individual who organized the effort to inject well over five million fraudulent votes for Biden into the 2020 election. How do you do that?

This genius not only did the impossible, but did it invisibly. The governors and secretaries of state of forty nine of the fifty states, Republicans and Democrats alike. say they were able to find no evidence at all of widespread voter fraud. The little glitches they turned up here and there were nowhere near enough to affect the outcome. The one exception was the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who actually offered a “bounty” to anyone who would come forward with evidence of election tampering. (In effect he was willing to pay a bribe for such evidence, which is pretty weird, to say the least.) As of this writing, I haven’t heard that he’s come up with anything.

Our mastermind of voter fraud had to send out his troops to find millions of dead people, unregistered immigrants, disaffected postal workers and who knows who else to join in a vast conspiracy to rig the system and then not tell anyone about it… simply remarkable.

So here’s what I think: forget the election. We should seek out this clearly gifted person and offer him or her the presidency. That’s right… imagine a president, a government, a country that could operate with such efficiency and effectiveness. We would become the wonder of the world.

John Greenwood