My family and I spent three days last week in the Driggs/Tetonia area. During a pandemic, we found it a bit odd to be vacationing and figured our isolation would continue as an extension of the past few months. That was pretty much the case from the moment we left Iowa though Nebraska and Wyoming.

However, your little town was the warmest place we have experienced in quite some time regardless of being in the midst of a pandemic. Still smart and safe but welcoming and warm. We live in a place where little regard is given to personal safety, yet you all have been able to cultivate a community that has embraced safety and personal security without letting it compromise your nature and personality. Kudos to you and your community leaders.

Though you all have little to nothing to do with the incredible beauty of the land where you live, you do, however, make your location even more beautiful and attractive than it already is. What a gem of a community you have there on the west side of the mountains.

Brian Taylor

Harlan, IA