Nic Erwin was not a temperate man. He was a man of deep, unbridled, and often unchartable passions. Let's face it, he could be a hellcat. As a result, he was naturally a man desperately needed in this world of rolling mediocrity. He brought love and growth and challenge as a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and as friend. In moments of pain, he brought kindness and strength. It is no wonder that his calling card was a fantastical mix of humor and happiness and frustration and angst. For he could charm you and infuriate you in nearly the same sentence. He could leave you speechless. Nic was a man for all seasons who made those around him better in some way - sometimes against our own desires.

Those who knew Nic knew he lived a dozen lives in his too short time here in Earth. He weathered many storms of his own afflictions. He was an addict. He told this to you. He went to treatment, he went to jail, he went on to help others fight addiction. He saw hope where the average person saw too many challenges to tackle. He invited other addicts - absolute strangers - to his home for a thanksgiving dinner so they would not be alone in this world.

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