Bear Root Bitters: Anthony Martino and Katie from Jackson, ably assisted by Chelsea Carson of Teton Valley

When did you start your business?

Bear Root Bitters came into being in December of 2017.

What motivated you to do so?

The birth of Bear Root Bitters was unexpectedly organic. Katie had been wildcrafting medicinal bitter gentian and angelica roots from the Teton area for a while. One Christmas, she was selling bitters for our community at a local fair. Anthony, being a cocktail connoisseur and graphic designer, was excited about the idea. He created the branding and perfected the recipes to find a lovely balance between medicinal and cocktail bitters. It was received really well here in Jackson, and grew from there.

What keeps you motivated?

Spreading the herbal wisdom of local plants, and showing people how we can use natural remedies to enhance our health and our beverages, all the while practicing sustainability — we put a lot of effort into reducing our negative environmental impact as well as giving back to the community and to nature.

What, so far, do you feel you do best as it pertains to your business?

The return of the noble Chelsea Carson! She’s the best thing that ever happened to Bear Root Bitters.

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

A friendly face (Chelsea’s), a wide array of the above-mentioned bitters, and a bit of “bitter” history as well as how best to use them. Chelsea’s happy to have you sample them so you know what you’re getting.

Food Dudes (Farm Market): Jamie and Nathan Ashcraft, Sugar City

When did you start your farm?

Up ‘til 2003, Nathan was growing sweet corn and bringing it to Teton Valley or Ashton to sell. Then, things changed – Nathan and Jamie were married, and began farming together.

What motivated you to do so?

Jamie had a fondness for peaches, and began canning. She was getting her peaches from Utah – until one batch she received was mushy. She decided then to grow her own, so she went to the Robinson Fruit Ranch in Caldwell where they taught her what she needed to know about the many varieties and uses of peaches. Since then, Nathan and Jamie’s farm has expanded, and now they grow not only peaches and sweet corn but other fruits, potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, and almost every other kind of vegetable you can think of to put on your table.

What keeps you motivated?

“Teaching my four boys to work hard,” replies Jamie. Indeed, almost every week Jamie and Nathan are ably assisted by at least two of those four boys!

What, so far, do you feel you do best?

Talking with people, and teaching them about the produce Food Dudes offers. Did you know there are 47 kinds of peaches?? People have told Nathan and Jamie they like to shop with them “because we’re efficient and happy.”

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

“Amazing fresh produce!” Jamie states with alacrity.


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