Chasing Paradise

When did you start your business?

I officially started the Chasing Paradise business in 2012. When asked how he came upon the Chasing Paradise name, Rob replied “Like most people, that’s what I’m always doing. I figured if I could make a living while following my passions, that would be paradise.”

What motivated you to do so?

My love and passion for healthy and tasty foods and beverages. I grew up in southern Louisiana, where life revolves around good food. When I was 20 years old, I taught myself how to brew beer and fell in love with the scientific art. That same year, I left the south and ended up in Wilson, WY where I scored a job brewing beer for Otto Bros. Brewing Co. (now Grand Teton Brewing). I started experimenting making mead (honey wine) around 1998 and thoroughly enjoyed the results. I used to share and give away most of my creations, but eventually started selling my products at the local farmer’s markets.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing people enjoying my creations. Also, selling my products allows me to give back to the community by donating a percentage of all sales to local nonprofit organizations.

What, so far, do you feel you do best as it pertains to your business?

Carefully sourcing the highest quality ingredients in order to create the healthiest and best tasting products possible. I have close relationships with many local farmers and producers and use local organic ingredients whenever possible.

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

I always have local raw honey, fresh organic pesto and hummus, my “world famous” carrot/habanero hot sauce, “All Good” bars, hard apple cider, and a variety of meads. This summer, we’ve been cooking up pesto melts at the market, and it’s been a big hit! We’re using locally made bread, organic cheese, and Chasing Paradise pesto, of course. Right now, I have some really good freshly extracted early season honey which is pretty dark, but has a great flavor. Also, keep an eye out for other seasonal treats like chanterelle mushrooms, raspberry or plum jam, and cherry sauce!

Dusty Hound Farms

When did you start your farm?

Dusty Hound Farms was established January 2018 by Amanda and Rebeca Nolan.

What motivated you to do so?

We were living in New York’s Hudson Valley and working extremely long hours which left little time for enjoying life. We even had to hire a dog walker to ensure our beagle, Bruce, was exercised and happy! Conveniently, around this time our family informed us that the farm land they owned in Idaho had to be farmed or sold. We decided to take up the offer and rejuvenate the old family farm in Tetonia.

What keeps you motivated?

Our primary motivation comes from being able to spend time together (even if it’s working), and having the ability to be outside in such a beautiful place. We also enjoy the lifestyle farming offers, and having the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness in this area.

What, so far, do you feel you do best as it pertains to your farm?

Having experienced many setbacks and failures, we have found that our strength is that we never give up. We are always learning and seeking new information to build and grow. As a result, we have overcome many obstacles, and have even had a few successes.

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

We always have local raw honey (from our own hives), free range chicken eggs, bee’s wax-based products including lotions, lip balms, and dog paw wax. We’ll also have some of our home-made jams (blueberries, currants, e.g.), zucchini and other summer squashes, fresh herbs, English and sugar snap peas, beets, carrots, chard, and soon – tomatoes! Nature give us such delicious things – our aim is to share that simplicity with others.


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