Jackpine Lavender, Ann and Jeff McMullen

When did you start your farm?

We’ve had land in Tetonia for some time. Several years ago, we began clearing the land to farm. We both love to plant things, and we wanted to do something we could manage together, just the two of us. We struck upon lavender; and, in 2014, we purchased some organic lavender plants from Bend, Oregon and began planting our cleared land in Tetonia.

What motivated you to do so?

We always knew we wanted to be organic farmers, and Jeff knew Ann loved lavender, so…They became members of the US Lavender Growers Association, did some research, and had their soil tested. In the meantime, Ann took an aroma therapy course to learn more about essential oils. Having come from a family with sensitive skin, she was eager to explore options. And so, Jackpine Lavender came about!

What keeps you motivated?

We love getting down and dirty! And, the farm suits us just fine. And it’s just so much fun creating things – it really brings out the “inner chemist” in us! We’ve turned our winter projects into soaps, oils, special salts, and much more.

What, so far, do you feel you do best as it pertains to your farm?

Jeff’s soap! And, we love our lavender. People can tell, so they’re not surprised when we talk about our “seven hundred new lavender babies (plants)!”

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

FINALLY, fresh lavender! (It’s two weeks behind last year.) Most of our lavender is French lavender. We call it “happy lavender” because it brings smiles to people’s faces. Jeff also makes his “eye (mask) pillows” using flax and lavender he puts into organic flannel “pillows”. You can either heat them in the microwave and use them to lull you to sleep, or you can put them in the freezer and cool yourself off during a hot summer afternoon nap. We also offer lavender products for the kitchen: lavender salt, teas, spice blends (with rosemary, sage, oregano, and parsley we also grow on our farm). And for the face and body, lotions and essential oils. And for your home, aromatherapy products.

Knit Together Kinders Farm, LLC, David and Deborah Bass

When did you start your business?

In 2011. We were in Ucon, Idaho when we started with three goats. In 2013, we moved to Tetonia. Since then, our herd has increased to thirty goats – seven we milk, and the others we breed, or use for meat.

What motivated you to do so?

We wanted to expand our goat business. Our original three goats we milked and sold their milk to Barrels and Bins in Driggs. We also wanted a way to get into Teton Valley. Our motto has always been “farther out and further up”, and Tetonia fits our bill!

What keeps you motivated?

Our business is a great way to facilitate Debbie’s knitting skills. She began a knitting business thirty years ago, and is still at it. Since then, we’ve branched out into baked goods after Deb learned she was gluten intolerant. Dave claims their booth at the Farmer’s Market is a testament to her skills. He refers to himself as the “selling drone”.

What, so far, do you feel you do best as it pertains to your business?

Our gluten-free baked goods. We’ve received so many positive responses and gratitude to our gluten free products. “Why just the other week, a woman was shopping the Market with her family, and they were stopping for things to eat along the way. Being gluten intolerant, she wasn’t able to participate – until she came to our booth! She was thrilled!!” Dave told me. “I’ve finally found something at this Market I can eat!” the woman exclaimed in delight.

What can folks look forward to at your booth this week and the coming weeks?

Our brand new vegan energy balls! We have two kinds — one is made with chocolate, almonds, salt, dates, rolled oats, and coconut milk. The other is made with apricots, coconut, nut butter, a variety of seeds (sesame, poppy, hemp, flax, and pumpkin), coconut milk, and sea salt. We also have our seed crackers, cookies, scones, twinkies, moon/whoopee pies, banana and white breads. Of course, all are gluten-free. Goats’ milk and Debbie’s knit goods round out our offerings.


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