Community Foundadtion Volunteer Board

The Community Foundation of Teton Valley has launched a new volunteer dashboard online to help connect those looking to help in the community with the needs of local nonprofits.

If you’re on the hunt for a meaningful way to give back to the Teton Valley community, look no further than the Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s volunteer opportunity dashboard.

It’s a one-stop-shop for nonprofits to post volunteer needs and opportunities and share details about their exact needs. Posting is free, and is a great way for would-be volunteers to get a sense of the events and organizations seeking help throughout the valley.

Recent events included the array of Earth Day community cleanup and compost bin crafting efforts of the Downtown Driggs Association and Teton Valley Community Recycling.

Each volunteer opportunity listed includes all the necessary details for anyone interested in lending a hand — when and where volunteers should plan to arrive, any special recommendations or requirements, links to online signups, and contact information should community members have any questions.

”Nonprofits are consistently in need of volunteers — from board members to on-the-ground help with programs and services,” said Community Foundation marketing director Claire Vitucci. “At the Community Foundation, we wanted to create a central clearinghouse for these needs in hopes of connecting community members with volunteer opportunities that fit their expertise, passions, and availability. With so many folks moving to the valley, it is our hope that this bulletin board will facilitate connection for those wanting to get involved, meet new people, and support the community.”

”I would encourage all nonprofits to post their volunteer needs on our bulletin board — they can be ongoing needs or for a specific time and date. The more the merrier!” continued Vitucci. “Again, my hope is that community members looking to get involved will have a list to peruse to be able to best align their expertise and passions with local volunteer opportunities. By creating connections with organizations they’re passionate about, we hope not only to fulfill current volunteer needs, but also create lasting connections and supporters for our nonprofit community.”

To post a volunteer opportunity, or to discover a meaningful way to give back to the Teton Valley community, visit