During its June 12 meeting, the Victor City Council will be reviewing a draft Request for Proposals to solicit bids from consultants to aid in updating the Victor Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Systems Plan, a process that will involve extensive public engagement and input. The RFP will be up for final approval by the Victor City Council during its June 26, 2019 meeting.

The Victor City Council identified an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Systems Plan as a top priority for 2020 during the Council Retreat held on February 7.

Comprehensive Plan components include, but are not limited to, property rights, population, school facilities and transportation, economic development, land use, natural resources, hazardous areas, public services and facilities, transportation, recreation, special areas of significance, housing, community design, agriculture, and implementation.

The Transportation Systems Plan will address levels of service, alleys, highway corridors, transit options, a downtown parking analysis, technology, wayfinding, recreation enhancement, and connectivity and transportation corridors.

The proposed budget for the joint RFP is $100,000. Once complete, both plans will set Victor’s vision for future community development. The documents will be used to further update the Land Development Code, as guiding documents in making land use and capital project decisions, and to support grant applications of projects that align with Victor’s vision.

Due to the scope of the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Systems Plan updates, the City of Victor is seeking public comment on the draft RFP. Public comment may be submitted to Ryan Krueger, Planning and Zoning Director, at ryank@victorcityidaho.com through June 26.

The RFP may be viewed at the City’s website at http://cms7.revize.com/revize/victorid/alert_detail.php.


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