Rexburg Rapids

A pair of good Samaritans and a lifeguard teamed up to resuscitate a toddler who nearly drowned at the water park July 11.

REXBURG – The Rexburg Police are hailing two good Samaritans for their efforts in saving and reviving an 18-month-old girl who drowned at Rexburg Rapids on Thursday.

Rexburg Police Captain Gary Hagen reported that two men noticed the toddler floating face down in the water and retrieved her from the pool. Police and emergency responders were called around 3:53 p.m.

“They saw her floating in the water and pulled her out. They began life saving efforts with the assistance of the lifeguard,” he said.

The child at one point was not breathing, but thanks to the two men’s and the life guard’s efforts, the toddler started breathing on her own. First Responders quickly arrived and took the little girl to Madison Memorial Hospital.

The little girl had been at Rexburg Rapids with her family and wandered into the deeper section of the kiddie pool, Hagen said.

“She kept walking and went to the deep end by the rope. She just went under. She walked toward the ropes and ended up going underneath,” he said.

The little girl inhaled water before being pulled out by the two good Samaritans.

Upper Valley resident Sarah Welker witnessed the incident yesterday.

“I was sitting in the water watching my kids by the three feet area. A guy had the girl in his arms and carried her to the lifeguard standing on the concrete behind us. She did not look good. She was (an) ashen color and was lifeless,” she said.

Welker reported that Rexburg Rapid’s officials moved swimmers onto the grass while working to revive the little girl. 

“The staff at Rexburg Rapids, the mom, the two bystanders who preformed life saving efforts, the police officers, first responders, and the guy that carried this girl quickly to the lifeguards were all a critical part (in) saving this little girl,” she said.

Hagen said that considering the trauma the child experienced, she is in stable condition at the hospital

“It sounded as of last night, that she is doing good,” he said.

Hagen warned families to be cautious around water and even at Rexburg Rapids.

“Everybody just needs to be cognizant where they’re children are at. Take swimming measures - life jackets and stuff life that,” he said.

The name of the little girl and the names of the good Samaritans have not been released yet as Rexburg Police continue to update their report. 


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