Teton High School announced on Oct. 15 that three fall sports teams are academic state champions.

THS cross country

Top row: Coach Caleb Moosman, Cameron Edwards, CG Woiwode, Carl Ripplinger, Gavin Behrens, Lance Safiran, John Woiwode, Falina Hertz, Hunter Wade, Leif Russon, Oliver McKellar, Jenna Letham, Coach Mindy Kaufman Center row: Lindsay Simmons, Jack Dobbs, Finn Adams, Brennen Bates, Olivia Schnell, Sara Bagley, Mackenzie Lee, Amelia Wilson. James Allen, Ripley Schultz, Brooklyn Godfrey, Macey Roberts Seated: Ty Terry, Ben Adams, Wyatt Johnson, Isaac Mattingly, Liza Marcum, Sam Machen, Noah Machen, Porter Collins, Jacob Allen, Addison Hansen Not in the photo: Seth Jensen

The girls’ cross country team led by Coach Mindy Kaufman earned a combined GPA of 3.973, the boys’ cross country team lead by Coach Caleb Moosman earned a collective GPA of 3.740 and the girls’ volleyball team led by Coach Deyshia Steketee posted a 3.912 GPA.

Volleyball team

The 2019/20 Teton High School Varsity Volleyball Team — Left to right: Aspen Lasson, Waklee Kunz, Kylie Driggs, Cambrie Streit, Brooke Kaufman, Jaisa Jones, Jessica Bixby and Tyler Calderwood.

This was the first time the boys’ cross country team has earned the academic standing.


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