Teton football

Teton’s Hyrum Heuseveldt intercepts against North Fremont Friday night. He went on to score a 70 yard touchdown, but that just wouldn’t be enough to beat the Huskies at home.

After a tough defeat to Jackson last week, Teton fell again to the North Fremont Huskies in a heart breaker game that ended 16-14 on Friday evening.

The Huskies started quickly, after shutting down Teton on the first possession of the game, North Fremont drove down the field and Fremont quarterback Luke Hill hit Fremont’s running back Jordan Lenz on a fly pattern for 40-yards and a touchdown.

The Huskies scored again a couple of possessions later with a methodical drive down the field that Fremont’s Riggen Cordingley finished off with a touchdown run.

The two two-point conversions North Fremont made in the first half would prove to be the difference in the game.

Froment came away with an interception in the second quarter and North Fremont went into the half up 16-0.

Both teams started the second half with punts and neither team scored in the third quarter but North Fremont did have one drive where they built a little momentum.

Teton’s defense locked in on North Fremont’s run game and shut them out in the second half.

Teton scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter using screens and shuffle passes to move down the field but those plays took up time and there wasn’t enough time for Teton to score a third time on the Husky defense with those types on plays.

On the final possession of the game, Teton started deep within their own territory then drove to North’s 30 but the Huskies didn’t let them drive any further.


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