The Teton Regional Economic Coalition received a $157,000 grant from the Idaho Travel Council to promote travel and tourism in the Teton Valley area.

“With this grant and promotion efforts, we are focused on the quality as much as the quantity of visitors,” said Brian McDermott, executive director for TREC. “Supporting events for outdoor, art and nature enthusiasts attracts affluent guests who appreciate Teton Valley’s unique attributes and who spend freely with local businesses. Our grant administrator, Kristie Eggebroten has done a fantastic job working with the state and our local applicants.”

During its meeting held in Twin Falls this week, the Idaho Travel Council granted $6,141,270 in tourism marketing funding to non-profit organizations through the Idaho Regional Travel and Convention Grant Program.

“Travel and tourism continue to have a positive impact on Idaho’s economy,” said Idaho Commerce Director Tom Kealey in a news release last week. “This growth benefits businesses and communities of all sizes, and we are proud of our statewide marketing efforts and the grant program for keeping Idaho top of mind and influencing travel to our many incredible destinations.”

Eligible award recipients include non-profit local and regional tourism development organizations such as chambers of commerce and convention and visitors bureaus. The organizations use their awarded grant dollars to promote cities, towns and regions of the state as travel destinations. Program elements are varied, but often include print and digital advertising, videography, brochures, attendance at travel shows, public relations, direct mail, industry research, and the creation of websites.


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