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County election clerk Jenifer Shaum anticipates that the new ballot counting machine will make fast work of tonight's results. 

Update 9:30 p.m.: All unofficial results are in. There were 2353 ballots cast. Winners are in bold. 

Driggs City Council 

Jen Calder 185

Wade Kaufman 161

Allison Michalski 139

Tetonia Mayor

Gloria Hoopes 69

Tetonia City Council 

Brent Schindler 77

Blaine Ball 31

Nanci Garling 19

Aaron Hansen 53

Justin Mehlhaff 9

Josh Weltman 24

Victor Mayor

Will Frohlich 288

Tim Wells 122

Victor City Council

Landon Kaufman 154

Amy Ross 259

Emily Sustick 257

School Zone 1

Jacki Cooke 214

Shannon Hamby 318

School Zone 2

Debbie Hunt 192

Ticia Sheets 250

School Zone 5

Alexie Hulme 318

Cricket Romanzi 142

Nan Pugh 181

Fire District 1

Scott Golden 1361

Aaron Danz 722

Fire District 3

Bob Foster 1266

Kent Wagener 791

Update 9 p.m.: We're staked out at the courthouse waiting for the first numbers to roll in.

The new ballot tabulator is working smoothly, but it does mean that precincts aren't reported separately, so we'll get results all at once.

5:00 p.m. Polls close at 8 p.m. tonight for an election that offers no fewer than 14 different ballots, depending on a voter's location. (If you haven't yet voted, double check your polling place here.) 

Up for grabs are a mayoral position in Victor and Tetonia, three of five school board seats, two city council seats each in Victor and Driggs, three city council seats in Tetonia, and two of three fire commissioner positions. 

Despite that added complexity, county election clerk Jenifer Shaum is confident that vote counting will happen more quickly than it once did. This year the county has brought in the big guns: a new mechanized ballot scanner and tabulator, the DS450, which cost $55,550 but will save significant staff time. The county election staff members have been trained to use the machine and have already tested Teton County-specific ballots in it. 

So now the only questions are: how many voters are going to participate and who will win the night? 


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