This year, the University of Idaho will host a live auction at the Fairgrounds as well as provide an online option for buyers who are at high-risk, who are sick or who cannot send a representative to the Livestock sale. Buyers may also bid by phone if they are unable to access the online auction.

The Teton County Fair Board and Idaho Extension Office and 4-H program have been working over the last few weeks navigating new considerations in light of public health needs and are looking forward to offering a safe and celebratory week-long event starting this Saturday, Aug. 1.

“Having picked the theme well before COVID-19, the Teton County Fair Board still believes this year’s county fair can be a “Grand Celebration,” said Hallie Poirier, the Fairgrounds Administrator. “We are celebrating the values and hard work that is the backbone of Teton Valley. Although our 2020 Grand Celebration will not be like fairs in the past, we are excited to support 4H and their events. “

While the Teton County Fair Board pared down event offerings this year cutting the Open Class competition normally held in the Fair Building and the popular Pig Wrestling event, they are excited to host the Teton Valley Rodeo on Friday, July 31 and again on Friday, Aug. 7. The Barrel Races will commence on Sunday, Aug. 2. The Figure 8 Races are still planned to cap the week-long event on Saturday, Aug. 8 starting at 7 p.m. (Sign-ups can be found online at www.tetoncountyfairgrounds.com/tvfair).

The fair board has collaborated with Eastern Idaho Public Health and Teton County to ensure public safety. Face masks will be provided at the fairgrounds if needed and a variety of hand washing stations will be onsite. Many of the events that are open to the public will be hosted outdoors where social distancing is encouraged.

“I want to thank the fair board for all their hard work and willingness to adapt during this pandemic and also thank the public for their patience and understanding,” said Teton County Fair Board Chair John Smaellie.

The 4-H programs will proceed with a variety of competitions and showings, but some of those events will be limited to family due to the nature of some the programs. There are a variety of events that the public is invited to attend that are being held outdoors including livestock shows, the Working Ranch and the popular and ever vital Livestock Sale on Friday, Aug. 7.

The Livestock Sale

This year, the University of Idaho will host a live auction at the Fairgrounds as well as provide an online option for buyers who are at high-risk, who are sick or who cannot send a representative to the Livestock Sale. Buyers may also bid by phone if they are unable to access the online auction.

The live, in-person sale will start at 6 p.m. on Friday under the Pavilion and will be limited to 150 people in attendance and reserved for buyers, 4H participants and seniors. Face masks will be required. Anyone needing more information on the Livestock Sale, please call the Livestock Sale Committee: Aaron Hansen (435) 749-1262 or JR Wood (208) 709-0606 or the Extension Office at (208) 354-2961.

“Please come and support 4H and your Teton County Fairgrounds,” added Poirier.

Friday, July 31: 9 a.m. 4H shooting sports, location TBA

5:30 p.m. 4H Style Review, closed to the public

Saturday, Aug. 1: 9 a.m. 4H Horse Show, Outdoor Arena.

4 p.m. Working Ranch, Outdoor Arena.

Sunday, Aug. 2: 10 a.m. 4-D Barrel Race, Outdoor Arena. Open Class Barrel Racing: Bring your horse to compete in this event. $5 for time only Barrels and Poles, $25 for open Barrels, $20 for open Poles, $15 for 13 and under barrels. Register and pay at gate. Sponsored by the Basin Barrel Racing Association.

Monday, Aug. 3: 8 a.m. 4H interview and judging, closed to the public.

Wednesday, Aug. 5: 9 a.m. Dog Show, Fairgrounds.

3-7 p.m. 4H, FFA livestock weigh in, closed to the public.

Thursday, Aug. 6: 8 a.m. 4H, FFA swine, sheep and goat shows: The 4-H/FFA swine, sheep and goat show features market and showmanship classes for a variety of classes. Pavillon.

3 p.m. 4H poultry and rabbit shows. The 4-H poultry and rabbit shows features youth competing in poultry and rabbit breed and showmanship classes.

5:30 p.m. 4H, FFA Beef Show. The 4-H/FFA beef show features market and showmanship classes for beef projects.

Friday, Aug. 7: 6-8 p.m. Livestock Sale. The 4-H Livestock Sale offers premium, locally grown meat for purchase at a lively, round-pen auction. Animals raised by local 4-H kids are shown at the fair and the whole animal is sold at the auction to the highest bidder. Buyers who purchase an animal, write a check for the purchase amount at the time of sale and select a local butcher on a sale form. The butcher picks up the animal at the fair and the buyer picks up their packaged meat within 3-4 weeks of the fair. A market floor price is established on the day of the sale and the difference between the floor price and the sale price can be taken as a charitable deduction. Many local businesses and families support the sale and fill their freezers with local, lean, delicious and healthy meat. Animals are hand raised by the 4-H kids and get plenty of exercise and love. They are fed a wholesome grain and protein diet purchased from local feed stores or hand milled by the 4-H kids. Many kids raise multiple animals for many years and save the money earned to help with college expenses. 4-H kids who raise livestock projects learn valuable lessons of responsibility, commitment and follow-through. They are required to keep track of their project records, develop income and expense spreadsheets, demonstrate their livestock knowledge in a group setting, complete a community service project and attend club meetings. Buyer’s who do not wish to take the meat can sell the animal back to the fair on the night of the sale for the floor price and take the charitable deduction. The local food bank and senior center will also take packaged meat as a donation if you don’t have enough room in your freezer for the whole animal.

8p.m. Teton Valley Rodeo. Come support the Friday Night Rodeo Company at their annual fair rodeo. The whole family can get up-close and-personal with the rodeo action, all while drinking in the majestic scenery of the breathtaking peaks of the Tetons, bathed in the rays of a pink, summer sunset.

Saturday, Aug.8: 10 a.m. 4H award pick up, closed to the public.

7p.m. Figure 8 Races and Lawn Mower Races. Figure 8 Race and Lawn Mower Races: This event is open to anyone in the region with an old car and gumption to race. For registration information and rules visit www.tetoncountyfairgrounds.com. Tickets: $10 person or $40/car (8 persons max) Kids 3 and under free.