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Megan Dalley and Maggie Graupner take their turn selling Timberwolves merch to THS students on Jan. 6.

The newly-anointed Teton High Timberwolves now have a suite of graphic assets and merch to represent their school spirit.

After the school’s old mascot was retired in 2019, students voted last summer on a new mascot and, from a crowded field that included Raptors, Bruin, Yeti, Trappers, Mountaineers, and Hawks, the Timberwolf emerged triumphant.

The Education Foundation of Teton Valley raised over $40,000 to support the shift from the old mascot to the new, which included expenses like uniforms, stadium seats, and a trophy cabinet. As of January, half of that had been spent.

The Teton High student council tackled the question of consistent visual branding at the beginning of the school year and what started as a contest blossomed into an exercise in design as the council worked with Peter and Tyler McKellar, THS alumni, to craft the parameters of their logo. The end product was unveiled on Wednesday, Jan. 6, along with a design guide to direct the palette, font, and format.

Teton’s colors remain maroon and orange, and close observers will notice the familiar three-peaked skyline laced through the howling wolf’s mane.

Members of the student council held a sale on Wednesday to get shirts, hats, masks, and stickers into the hands of their peers. Logo merch will be available to the public in the future, but for now this gear is just for students and staff.