Full Circle Education has been preparing for new life all winter long. With the hiring of Executive Director, Travis Gay, in January and Farm Educator, Franny Weikert, in March, we are ready to nurture the growth of our programming this Spring.

Travis grew up in South Carolina and has a BA in Child Psychology from Hollins University and a Master’s in Social Work from Walla Walla University. She has been working with children and families in Teton Valley and Jackson for the past 20 years. As an educational therapist and social worker, she has participated in the growth and wellness of our community. Travis lives with her husband and three children in Alta and feels happiest when they are outside playing soccer, enjoying potlucks with friends, exploring different cultures, and digging in the dirt.

Franny grew up between southern Germany and Victor, Idaho. She attended Journeys School for high school and received a BA in Business and Sustainability from Western Washington University. She is dedicated to inspiring awe and stewardship in our youngest community members by connecting little hands to soil and young taste buds to locally harvested and foraged foods. Franny owns and operates an artisan bread and catering business, called In Season, with her partner Blaine. She loves to mountain bike, backpack in the Tetons and Winds, and collaborate with the elements to create nourishing and healing foods.

While Franny has been preparing students for planting the greenhouses that Full Circle Education manages at Tetonia Elementary School, Teton Valley Community School, and Alta Elementary School, Travis has been attending the Start-Up Intensive in Jackson. Thanks to the generous support of the Teton Valley Community Foundation and Central Wyoming College, Full Circle Education received the non-profit scholarship to participate in this creative entrepreneurship program in Jackson.

Full Circle Education encourages cultivation, preservation, and enhancement of the land and water that sustains life in Teton Valley and beyond. We aim to bridge the divide between old timers, new comers, and visitors to Teton Valley by highlighting our shared values of stewardship, self-reliance, and healthy living. We have been working in local schools and on local farms for the past ten years and are moving toward establishing a permanent home on a farm in Teton Valley to share our work with the entire community.

Teton Valley has a strong agricultural heritage that is being diluted by housing developments and an expanding recreation and tourism based-economy. Farmland is becoming more scarce and expensive to buy. The community farm will offer a variety of programs and services designed to pass our region’s vanishing agricultural heritage on to future generations. It will be a place where children, families, and community members can come together to share knowledge about growing, processing, and preserving food and explore everything from soil health to alternative energy. Everyone will be welcome to participate in seasonal celebrations and contribute to a healthier, more cohesive community.

We do not have a location yet but are working on a two year plan to build capacity and support for our vision with hopes of being up and running in five years. We are actively seeking champions to help us bring our vision for a community farm to fruition.