5/1 — A male with a no contact order entered the female’s place of work and asked her co-worker about the female’s work shifts. There was no direct violation of the NCO, but the owner of the store filed a trespassing order against the male and there is currently an investigation into whether this action could result in a stalking charge.

5/1 — Call of a spam phone call. The Sheriff’s Office reminds folks that they have had several queries regarding possible phone scams. A person calling will pose as a police officer or jail official and advise the victim that a friend or family member is in custody or was involved in an accident and can’t be released until a fine or bail amount is posted. Please be cautious of these types of phone calls. Do not give them any personal information about yourself or the person they are calling about. Advise the caller you will contact the Sheriff’s Office back directly to verify if a person is currently being held in custody. (208) 354-2323.

5/1 — The reporting party was looking under a vehicle near Kaufman’s Tire when another vehicle accidentally ran over his leg. The man transported himself to the hospital.

5/1 — Reporting party stated that a female left her 18-month-old child outside of Broulim’s in a bike trailer. The deputy gave the mother a verbal warning for leaving her child unattended. The woman stated that she was afraid to take the child into the store because of the coronavirus.

5/2 — A deputy was performing a public assist on a stopped vehicle in which one of the tail lights was hanging off the vehicle. While interacting with the driver, the individual let the deputy know that they had open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle further netted marijuana. The driver was cited and the case is under investigation.

5/2 – A driver was stopped for failing to stop at a stop sign. The driver consented to a search of the vehicle after deputies saw two pieces of drug paraphernalia in the car. The search netted crystal like substances. The driver was released with citations pending and the crystal was sent to the lab for testing.

5/2 – A woman was pulled over for a traffic violation and was arrested for having an open warrant out of Madison County, Idaho. In addition to the warrant, she was also in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Teton County deputies dropped the drug citations and took her to the Madison County Jail for the outstanding warrant.

5/2 – An intoxicated female was driving around the Big Eddie harassing campers. She was cited for a second DUI and for disturbing the peace. Her husband was located and took her home.

5/2 — Teton County, Wyoming called to report a highly intoxicated couple was leaving Wilson, Wyoming and headed over Teton Pass. Teton County, Idaho deputies were unable to locate the vehicle

5/5 — A traffic stop was made on a driver who did not have a license plate on the vehicle. The driver also did not have insurance and his driver’s license had been suspended for failing to provide child support. He was cited for driving without privileges and the vehicle was towed.

5/5 — Report of a 55 gallon drum of oil and a gas tank exploding from a controlled burn that went out of control. Teton County Fire called the explosion a BLEVE explosion or a Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. No one was injured in the explosion.

5/5 – Report of a person yelling at an employee through the bank drive-thru. The caller said the person sounded intoxicated. Deputies were unable to locate the driver.

5/6 – Reporting party said her husband’s tools had been stolen. The party later called to say that the tools were not stolen and that the children had moved the tools to the inside of the garage.

5/6 — Idaho State Police reported a camper and truck had tipped over due to the high winds. It was cleared because the call was for the City of Teton not Tetonia or Teton County.

5/6 – Call of a multi-vehicle accident due to high winds and dust. Three vehicles in the accident blocked Highway 33 which was eventually closed because of visibility. No one was transported to hospital and Deputy Fullmer is still picking dust out of his teeth this week.

5/6 – A driver was stopped for speeding and then issued two citations for having open containers of alcohol in the vehicle and for failing to show proof of insurance.

5/7 – Report of male with a winged parachute flying from Fox Creek toward Highway 33. The reporting party was not sure if the person was in trouble or not. Another report confirmed that the man landed safely at 5000 South.


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