There were 276 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 28 and September 3. Officers performed 60 traffic stops and 22 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and four DUIs.

8/28 — A caller was concerned that he might have been scammed by making a campaign donation over the phone. He was told to contact his credit card company to make sure his card wasn’t used fraudulently.

8/28 — A caller reported that a dirt bike had been abandoned on the side of Hastings Lane for about a week. A deputy ran the VIN and found no warrant or stolen property notice on the bike.

8/28 — A woman was scammed out of $800 in gift cards after being threatened by a person claiming to be the IRS. Information on the fraud was passed on to the FBI. The sheriff’s office would like to remind residents that neither the IRS nor the Social Security Administration will ever call demanding money or making threats to individuals.

8/28 — A caller was concerned that a seemingly intoxicated person was purchasing alcohol at Broulim’s and was about to drive home. Deputies located the shopper, who was not intoxicated and had a medical condition.

8/28 — There was a vehicle vs. cow accident north of Driggs. The owner removed the cow’s body the next day and the vehicle was towed. None of the car’s occupants were injured.

8/29 — A caller reported that she had been attacked in her home and the intruder assaulted her boyfriend. The suspect was found and taken into custody for battery, unlawful entry, and malicious injury to property.

8/29 — A caller was concerned her husband and son hadn’t returned from kayaking on the Teton River. They did not have the proper equipment, supplies, or life jackets. Search & Rescue was alerted but the boaters were later found a few miles down the river before the rapids. They declined medical attention.

8/30 — A caller reported an underage party. Officers arrived and cited two juveniles for underage consumption of alcohol. The other party-goers had not consumed alcohol according to breath tests.

8/30 — A caller reported that his ex had come to the house at 1 a.m. to pick up their children. They had a verbal argument but no physical altercation. Deputies arrived to oversee the transfer of children.

8/30 — A mountain biker was seriously injured in a crash in the Palisades range. Bonneville County responders found her and transported her to the hospital in Idaho Falls.

8/30 — A caller reported a deer in the road in Driggs. It ran off before deputies arrived.

8/30 — A caller reported seeing two motorboats on the Teton River. The caller said the occupants were not wearing life jackets and might be damaging the bed of the river. An officer advised the caller that motorboats are allowed on the river.

8/30 — A jogger was chased by two dogs on 2000W in Victor and a passing vehicle had to pick her up to help her escape them. She wanted it documented in case of future incidents.

8/30 — A caller reported that his roommate had attempted to hit him. Deputies responded and found no proof of a physical altercation. The roommates agreed to be civil for the rest of the night and look into a separate living arrangement in the morning.

8/30 — A man was pulled over near the courthouse and cited for second offense DUI.

8/30 — A man was pulled over on the frontage road near Driggs and cited for second offense DUI.

8/30 — Another cow was hit and killed in the same area north of Driggs on Highway 33. The owner removed the cow’s body and the car was towed.

8/31 — A caller found a garbage bag that smelled bad at the bottom of a hill and suspected there was a dead body in it. Deputies responded and determined the bag was empty and there was a dead skunk nearby.

8/31 — A Tetonia resident said someone had put a sign on his property without his permission and also sent a sign in the mail. He wanted the individual trespassed, but didn’t know who the suspect was.

8/31 — A man was pulled over south of Driggs and charged with excessive DUI, open container, driving on a suspended license, failure to insure a vehicle, and for fictitious display of license plates.

8/31 — An elderly person called 911 multiple times with concerns about staff at an assisted living facility. Deputies responded and interviewed the residents, and asked the staff to get in touch with the sheriff’s office in case the disturbance happened again.

8/31 — A caller reported that her friend’s son was threatening her friend and that the parent was fearful of the young man. Deputies responded and had a conversation with the juvenile.

9/1 — A caller filled out a fraud packet because she had paid $2,000 online for a dog but the sale turned out to be a scam.

9/1 — Two juveniles at the middle school were found to be in possession of vape pens. Their parents were contacted and issued citations for tobacco violation.

9/1 — Teton County Wyoming called in a woman who had driven into a building with her car in Jackson and then fled on Highway 22 toward Idaho. She was located and pulled over at the Mike Harris Campground and taken into custody for excessive DUI. The Jackson Police Department also charged her for the hit-and-run accident.

9/1 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a juvenile who asked if it was illegal for his parents to smoke marijuana. Deputies responded to the address and spoke to the parents and child, who said he felt unsafe. He was given a ride to his other parent’s house.

9/1 — There were multiple calls about a fire at a construction site in Victor. Units responded and extinguished a large dumpster fire at the site.

9/2 — A man was trespassed from a lot in Tetonia by the HOA. He originally had permission to be on the property but had caused damage to the lot.

9/2 — A caller said he had left a bike for sale outside of the sheriff’s office and when he returned it had been stolen. The security cameras showed no sign of theft and the bike was located a few blocks away.

9/2 — A caller reported a missing rear license plate.

9/2 — A Driggs caller reported hearing a man and woman yelling at each other in a neighboring residence. Deputies responded and determined there had been no physical altercation.

9/2 — A car heading toward the Wyoming state line swerved to avoid a deer and flipped into a large culvert next to the highway, leaving significant debris including the car’s engine on the road. The two occupants were transported to the hospital.

9/2 — There were multiple reports of a man and woman arguing near the tepees at Teton Valley Resort. Deputies spoke to the couple and the woman denied that it was a domestic disturbance. The man was cited for possession of paraphernalia that was in open view while he was speaking with the deputy.

9/3 — There was a vehicle vs. bird accident west of the Highway 32 junction. The driver reported a shattered windshield but no other damage.

9/3 — The sheriff’s office received a call from the Teton Middle School principal about juveniles with vape pens. Their parents were contacted.

9/3 — A property owner on Highway 32 called requesting assistance because his field was on fire. Units responded and suppressed the fire.

9/3 — A caller reported that his wife had been taking cash from him and hiding it in the new home they were building. He wanted to know if he could press charges. He was advised that it was a civil case not a criminal one.

9/3 — A caller reported hearing three gunshots from a pistol near the Pine Creek Campground. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the gunshots.

9/3 — A Driggs resident made a noise complaint about a loud party near the high school. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the noise.

9/3 — A caller reported that her husband had shoved her. He was cited for domestic battery and she was given information for the Family Safety Network and escorted away from the house with her child.