There were 246 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 27 and September 2. Officers performed 54 traffic stops and 19 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents, two hit-and-runs, and one DUI.

8/27 — A city employee said that a man who was upset about the Victor mask mandate made threatening comments at city hall. The man said he would be staging a protest. Officers asked him to follow the rules regulating protests.

8/27 — Madison County reported a lost teenager on a dirt bike in the Garns Mountain area. Before Search & Rescue mobilized, the parents called to say the kid had been found uninjured.

8/27 — A caller reported suspicious vehicles parked the wrong way in the road in Victor. Apparently a man was laying on the ground yelling obscenities. An officer determined it was a construction crew and the man was laying under his car trying to get out of the sun.

8/27 — A caller reported that an abusive ex-husband had taken her phone. The man was trespassed from the residence.

8/28 — A caller reported a fire in the middle of a field in Victor near a pumphouse. The owner was able to extinguish the fire.

8/28 — A concerned caller reported that a stranger was parked in the driveway of a Victor residence and appeared to be intoxicated or having a mental episode. When the man attempted to leave he ran into the garage door. Deputies responded and took the man, who had driven from Idaho Falls, into custody for excessive DUI.

8/28 — A caller reported that after she had asked her intoxicated husband to leave their house, he attempted to break back in. He was cited for misdemeanor domestic battery. His friend transported him away from the scene. The pair went to a bar and the husband then grabbed a server inappropriately and was charged with resisting and obstructing an officer and misdemeanor sexual battery.

8/28 — Officers responded to a verbal argument at the RV park in Victor and removed one of the involved parties from the scene.

8/29 — A caller reported that her neighbors had gotten into an argument and managed to break her car window during the altercation. She was given resources to pursue a civil case.

8/29 — A variable message board was knocked over and damaged south of Driggs. The city was notified.

8/29 — Parents reported that their daughter and her boyfriend were floating the river and hadn’t returned. They later called back to say the couple had returned safely.

8/30 — There was a two-vehicle accident near the Rocky Road Industrial Park. One driver rear-ended the other. The road was blocked while the vehicles were disentangled.

8/30 — A caller reported that a man had urinated in front of her parked car in Victor in the middle of the afternoon. Deputies were unable to locate the man and the witness said she did not wish to press charges for public indecency.

8/30 — A caller reported that her neighbor was doing lawn maintenance on her property without her permission. He was advised to cease his illicit mowing immediately.

8/30 — Teton County, Wyoming requested assistance in finding a possibly suicidal subject whose phone was registering at a Big Hole trailhead. Officers searched the area thoroughly but found no sign of the person or his vehicle.

8/30 — At 10 p.m. Victor neighbors engaged in an argument over a blocked parking spot that devolved into a physical altercation. Deputies responded and advised the parties not to block each other’s parking spots and not to fight over parking.

8/31 — A driver was pulled over for speeding outside of Tetonia. He was given a verbal warning for speed and cited for possession of marijuana.

8/31 — A school district employee received a fraudulent email asking for her to update her information in the system. She entered her driver’s license then realized it was a scam. The state was able to shut down the license number. Always check the address of an email before sharing personal information.

8/31 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. One driver was cited for following too closely and both drivers were given a warning for not having valid US driver’s licenses.

8/31 — A Driggs caller reported seeing a small vehicle driving down the walking path next to Cobblecrest Road. Officers pursued the vehicle but the miscreants were able to evade them.

8/31 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a man who had come home to find a stranger, who was experiencing severe mental distress, had ransacked his home. The intruder was impossible to understand and was speaking different languages incoherently. The resident attempted to keep him in the area while deputies responded, but the man escaped and was picked up as a hitchhiker on the highway. When the driver saw cop cars passing, he stopped and the man escaped the vehicle. The driver tackled him and was able to contain him until four deputies arrived to try to settle him down and get him into a car. The man was eventually transported to the Behavioral Health Center. Jackson law enforcement later requested assistance finding the man because he had broken into a Jackson house before fleeing over the pass. TCSO was able to confirm the man had been detained. The man’s parents called and were appreciative of how officers had handled the man, who had been through several similar incidents in other jurisdictions.

9/1 — A caller reported that her neighbor’s house lights are visible from far away, in violation of county ordinance. The case is under investigation.

9/1 — There was a vehicle vs. drift boat trailer accident on Highway 32. No one was injured but the vehicle sustained major damage and had to be towed.

9/1 — TCSO served Google with a search warrant as part of a case investigation.

9/1 — A caller reported that someone had reached into her parked car and touched her dogs in Victor.

9/2 — A caller was concerned because his back door was wide open when he returned home from work. Nothing was missing and there was no sign of forced entry so no report was taken.

9/2 — The Driggs LDS church reported that a man had been sleeping in his car in the parking lot for several days but the church did not wish to have the man removed.

9/2 — A caller reported that her husband’s bicycle had been stolen, then called back to say it had been found and was not stolen.

9/2 — A parent reported that her daughter was threatening to run away. The parent was eventually able to calm her down and did not need assistance from law enforcement.

9/2 — Officers responded to a domestic disturbance that started over an argument about fantasy football and escalated into a physical altercation. The man was taken into custody for domestic battery and felony possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and was transported to Madison County Jail.