There were 260 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between September 17 and September 23. Officers performed 69 traffic stops, 26 security checks of local businesses, 14 controlled burns, and three public assists. There were three accidents and two DUIs.

9/17 — A hit-and-run occurred on East Wallace Ave in Driggs. The accident could have occurred at any time the previous night as rear quarter panel damages were reported by the owner after he walked outside for the first time that day. No note was left and an investigation is ongoing.

9/18 — Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call in Victor and the two parties were found to have been arguing loudly. The situation de-escalated quickly and deputies cleared as cooler heads prevailed. No report was necessary.

9/18 — An ambulance was called to an ATV rollover outside of Driggs. The driver, a juvenile, had minor injuries and was shaken up. The TCSO wants to remind families that drivers of ATVs must have a license and be wearing a helmet when off of personal property. When on public roads, ATV drivers must obey the laws of the road.

9/18 — A group of juveniles, apparently looking for an open shop at 2:20 a.m., were approached by a suspicious individual inquiring if they needed to be escorted home. The juveniles, smartly, ran back home and alerted deputies to the individual, who could not be found by deputies.

9/20 — A driver was stopped for driving on the left of the centerline in Driggs and deputies performed a sobriety check at 1 a.m. The driver was forthcoming and admitted to driving under the influence, and disclosed paraphernalia and a stash of a controlled substance. He was also cited for open container. He was booked, released, and given a courtesy ride home.

9/20 — A Teton County woman lost $14,000 after her driver’s license was compromised by an individual using it to bypass bank security during the month of September. A report was taken and an investigation is underway.

9/20 — A report of a starving moose calf was reported to deputies outside of Tetonia and referred to ID F&G.

9/20 — A report of harassment was taken by deputies when a reporting party alleged a fraudulent Facebook account was harassing them. The incident is under investigation. A pending no-contact order may be involved.

9/20 — Deputies responded to a Victor subdivision after a caller reported alleged threats made. The reporting party was involved in a dispute involving legal issues and strong words were exchanged between the parties. A report was taken and deputies advised the reporting party to look into a civil protection order.

9/20 — A large bonfire was reported to Teton County Fire by a concerned party. When crews responded the individuals were advised to scale down the fire and took action to limit its size.

9/21 — “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” was taken too literally at the Teton County Transfer Station. Deputies responded to reports of theft after employee lockers were reportedly missing tools and other equipment. A report was taken and an investigation is underway.

9/21 — Deputies responded to a disturbance in Victor when a reporting party, sitting in their car, was accosted by a male for parking where they were not supposed to.

9/21 — A two-vehicle accident was reported north of Tetonia on Highway 33. No one was injured but one car had to be towed away and debris cleared from the road. One driver was cited for following too closely.

9/22 — A deer was struck by a vehicle outside of Tetonia. There was no vehicle at the scene and the deer had to be dispatched by deputies.

9/23 — A man lost his wallet by forgetting it on the back of his vehicle in Victor. To add insult to injury, there was $800 cash in the wallet.

9/23 — A driver was pulled over by deputies in Driggs and failed sobriety tests. The driver was cited for felony DUI as he now has had three or more DUIs in the last 10 years. He was transferred to Madison County Jail and arraigned.

9/23 — Malicious injury to property was reported to add to an ongoing dispute over property rights and fencing outside of Tetonia. Deputies responded and advised both parties that the county prosecutor would be getting involved and informing both parties of their rights.

9/23 — A child was reported lost after they failed to attend after-school activities and be picked up. The child was found at Broulim’s, and returned to their parents at home safe and sound.