There were 276 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between September 11 and September 17. Officers performed 73 traffic stops and 41 security checks of local businesses. Fire units responded to six calls about fire. There were five accidents and one DUI.

9/11 — A caller reported a person walking down Highway 31. Deputies located him and determined he had run out of fuel. A good Samaritan then stopped to give him a hand.

9/11 — There was a three-vehicle accident on Little Avenue at 7:45 a.m. The two drivers that ran into the first vehicle blamed the rising sun for blinding them so they couldn’t see the brake lights in front of them. They were cited for following too closely.

9/11 — There was a report of minor damage to a rental car north of Victor.

9/11 — A caller reported that someone had taken sandwich boards he had put up along his property and burned them up in Henderson Canyon. The sheriff’s office is investigating and seeking more information from the Forest Service.

9/11 — A caller reported that their son was outside when two men stepped out of an older vehicle and took his picture, then left. The parent wanted the incident documented in case the strangers returned.

9/11 — A caller reported three loose horses on Highway 31 on the other side of Pine Creek Pass. The call was transferred to Bonneville County and the horses were determined to belong to some herders who were in the area.

9/11 — A caller reported that she had picked up a teenage runaway and given the youth a ride to a friend’s house. The teen’s parents were notified.

9/12 — A caller reported that someone had come to his property and posted a letter on his door, which he found suspicious. He declined deputy assistance and said he would put up trail cams.

9/12 — Officers advised the bartender at a Victor establishment that the city’s mask ordinance was enforceable and told the bartender to let the manager know.

9/12 — A caller reported that a woman had come to her home complaining of noise and threatening to call the HOA. She declined deputy assistance but deputies responded and informed both parties involved of what time quiet hours start in Teton County.

9/12 — A caller in downtown Driggs reported loud music. Deputies located the source of the noise and had the residents turn it down.

9/13 — A loose cat belonging to a Driggs resident was killed. Deputies checked the area and determined it had probably been killed by a dog or coyote.

9/13 — A child was locked inside a Jeep but was in no immediate danger. Deputies assisted the parent in getting the car unlocked.

9/13 — A Driggs caller reported a man screaming in the neighborhood. Deputies responded and found that it was two juvenile brothers arguing loudly.

9/13 — A Driggs caller reported that a man had come to their property and threatened to kill their dog because it wouldn’t stop barking. The next day the caller discovered that one car tire had been deflated or slashed. The owner made an appointment with a local tire shop to determine if the tire had been slashed. Deputies were unable to locate the person who had made the threats.

9/13 — The sheriff’s office investigated a report of inappropriate sexual touching.

9/13 — A Victor property owner discovered that his house had been listed on a website as a scam rental. The owner called the listing number and received a text that the property was now occupied but would soon be vacant. He was advised to contact the website to get the fraudulent ad taken down.

9/13 — A caller reported a large fire in Tetonia. Fire units responded and issued the owner a verbal warning for failing to obtain a controlled burn permit.

9/13 — A caller reported a large fire in a Victor yard with 10-foot flames. Units located the fire, which was actually small and under control. The property owners extinguished the fire.

9/14 — Dispatch received a call about a vehicle vs. moose accident near the Rainey Bridge gas station. The call was transferred to Bonneville County.

9/14 — A Lava Hot Springs resident was pulled over in Victor for driving a vehicle without headlights on after dark. He failed field sobriety tests and was uncooperative so was administered an involuntary blood test. He was cited for first offense DUI and given a courtesy ride to the place he was staying.

9/15 — Teton County, Wyoming, received a report of a man running down the highway near Connie’s Pond at 2 a.m. Three different vehicles nearly hit him. Deputies located him and took him into custody for being intoxicated on a highway, then gave him a courtesy ride to the Cobblestone Hotel.

9/15 — A transfer station employee reported that a customer who had recently paid with a counterfeit $20 bill had returned. The person paid with an authentic $5 bill this time.

9/15 — Two vehicles sideswiped each other on the highway near Moose Creek. The drivers exchanged insurance information.

9/15 — A Tetonia property owner trespassed two individuals she had previously allowed live on her property after they had been evicted from their former residence.

9/15 — A caller reported sending almost $500 to a South Dakota address to pay for vehicle registration after “winning a free car.” The caller was given a fraud packet to fill out.

9/16 — A minor was issued two infraction citations for possession of alcohol and tobacco and the youth’s probation officer was notified.

9/16 — A caller reported the smell of something burning in the house. Units were unable to locate any sign of a fire but told the resident to check for anything caught in the heating vents.

9/16 — A caller reported seeing a dark plume of smoke near Badger Creek. Fire units were unable to locate any fire in the area.

9/16 — A deputy observed a hitchhiker on Highway 33 north of Victor and informed the individual about the state laws against hitchhiking.

9/16 — A woman was trespassed from the Knotty Pine after walking out on a $5 bar tab.

9/17 — A driver was pulled over outside of Victor just past midnight for speeding. The occupants consented to a vehicle search and the driver was cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia. The passenger was also cited for possession of paraphernalia.

9/17 — A Tetonia caller reported that her truck, which was parked near her residence, was on fire. Units arrived and extinguished the fire.

9/17 — Officers responded to an incident of custodial interference when a caller said her ex-husband wouldn’t hand over their children. The couple was advised to contact their attorney.