There were 239 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 21 and August 27. Officers performed 37 traffic stops and 18 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and two DUIs. 

8/21 — A caller reported a possible theft in the Broulim’s parking lot. She thought her purse had been removed from her vehicle, but the video footage was checked and there had been no break-in. It was determined that she had been to multiple places prior to the call and might have misplaced it somewhere.

8/21 — A Driggs business owner wanted documentation of graffiti on the back door of the building, but did not request deputy assistance.

8/21 — A Tetonia caller reported that a neighbor was burning brush and construction debris during a day when the county had issued a “no burn” order. The fire department responded and extinguished the fire.

8/21 — A juvenile in Driggs was cited for possession of a controlled substance.

8/22 — A man at the skate park was cited for possession of a controlled substance.

8/22 — A man flipped his ATV in Tetonia. He suffered a head injury and had trouble breathing. He was transported to the hospital.

8/22 — A Victor caller reported that her neighbor was using a backhoe to dig across a county road and detouring traffic. Deputies spoke to him and determined he had the appropriate permits for the job. He said he would finish digging and fill in the road within an hour.

8/22 — A caller reported that he had been physically assaulted by a neighbor after calling with a complaint about noise and animal care. Deputies responded and their findings of assault were inconclusive. The parties involved agreed to be civil to each other.

8/22 — Two men flipped a side by side at 9 p.m. and left the scene of the accident. Deputies couldn’t find the occupants nearby or at their residence. The ATV was tagged to be towed in 48 hours; it was removed before the deadline.

8/22 — A caller reported seeing trees on fire at Connie’s Pond. Unit responded but found no sign of fire.

8/23 — A caller reported that someone was burning a large pile of construction debris despite the “no burn” order. The fire department extinguished the fire.

8/23 — A caller reported that his wife’s large adult son was intoxicated and argumentative at their house. There was no physical altercation and deputies gave the adult son a courtesy ride back to his own house.

8/23 — A man flagged down a deputy north of Driggs and said his son had run away after an argument. The son was found and given a voluntary ride to the hospital for an evaluation.

8/23 — A caller reported that a man was continuing to email her after she had asked him not to contact her. She was advised on how to seek a civil protection order.

8/23 — A man was cited for driving with an open container in Victor.

8/23 — A caller reported that his ex-wife was sending him threatening text messages. He was advised on how to seek a civil protection order.

8/24 — A caller reported that her doorbell camera alarm was going off. Deputies checked the house for suspicious activity and determined all the doors were secure.

8/24 — A caller informed the county prosecutor that someone had put a padlock on a gate blocking a county road east of Teton River, and had refused to remove the lock despite being asked multiple times. Deputies cut the lock.

8/24 — Two callers reported seeing a cloud of smoke near Ards Road in Tetonia. The fire department responded but was unable to locate any fires in the area.

8/24 — A caller reported that her boyfriend had left the house intoxicated after a physical altercation. Officers located him and took him into custody for felony domestic battery and DUI. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/25 — A man was trespassed from a Tetonia property.

8/25 — Several callers reported a moose calf wandering in the area of South Bates Bridge. The moose is uninjured. The sheriff’s office requests that no one feed it and that people drive carefully in the area to avoid hitting it.

8/25 — A caller reported that his gas tank was empty after his vehicle was serviced at a local auto shop. He believed it was left running all weekend or that the gas had been siphoned out. When officers tried to follow up on the report the caller was not available.

8/25 — A young child called 911 and asked for pizza or a burger then hung up. No one answered when dispatch called the number. A deputy responded to the location and found the parents at home. The father had a talk with his kids about responsible phone usage.

8/25 — A dog attacked another dog in Driggs. The owner of the vicious dog agreed to pay any medical bills that resulted from the attack.

8/26 — A man was called in for causing a disturbance at a bar. Deputies located him and took him into custody for DUI.

8/26 — Dispatch received multiple calls about a shirtless man yelling and waving his fists in the air while walking down the highway near 5000S. He quickly left the scene and the deputy who responded was unable to locate him.

8/26 — A man was trespassed from a Victor property in retaliation for the trespass notice served the day prior.

8/26 — A caller reported that someone he knew was spinning donuts on company property. There was no property damage and the parties agreed to work out the conflict civilly.

8/26 — A caller reported hearing shots fired in Driggs. Deputies were unable to locate any shooters.

8/26 — The sheriff and deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call after a woman reported that her husband had walked outside with a gun then locked himself in his bedroom with the firearm. There was no physical altercation and the man had fallen asleep. He did not appear to have suicidal tendencies. The couple was separated for the evening.

8/27 — A caller reported that a man was lying on the ground on private property. He was gone when deputies responded.

8/27 — A local farmer lost 55 of their 77 chickens to a neighbor’s dog. The farmer is seeking compensation for the livestock.